My name is Melanie and I’m a freelance picture book illustrator and an architect from Berlin, Germany.

Since ever the pencil was part of my life. I started drawing when I was little and always loved it.

Originally I studied architecture. To express myself I started with a little Instagram account to share my art and the process of creating. After I got the first requests for commissions I founded wind&wiese Illustrations. Today I create pictures that bring stories to life.

I love to draw animals and specially birds in every shape and color. My workflow always contains analogue sketches combined with digital drawing and the overlay of textures. I love to combine the advantages of the two types of drawing.

Besides my enthusiasm for illustration, I love animals, the sea, vegan food, sailing, the wind, my friends, yoga, reading, baking and learning new things.

lets work together

For commissions and collaborations email me at hallo@windundwiese.de